Debit Card Alerts


Staying in touch with your money has never been easier with FREE Keys Debit MasterCard alerts. Debit alerts are a convenient way for you to manage your money and help protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information. 

Register your Keys Debit MasterCard to receive near real-time alerts via an email and/or text message when your card is used for:

  • Purchases over a selected amount ($20 minimum)
  • International purchases
  • Online purchases
  • Declined purchases

Register now for Keys Debit MasterCard alerts! You can add or update your alert preferences online, anywhere, anytime through this site. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive a message that may indicate a fraudulent transaction, please call us immediately at 305-294-6622 during business hours or 866-820-8771 twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to report the activity.

Having Trouble Receiving an Alert?

Did you spend at least $20? The minimum threshold to receive an alert is twenty dollars. If you are at a restaurant, your total before gratuity must total $20 or more to receive an alert.

Did you use a Keys FCU ATM? Currently, you will only receive alerts for transactions performed at non-Keys FCU ATMs.

  • Did you wait at least 10 minutes? Alerts can take up to 10 minutes from the time of the transaction to arrive via email or text message.
  • Did you receive a confirmation? After you've completed registration for email and/or text alerts, you should receive a confirmation. If you did not, that may mean SPAM safeguards or security firewalls are prohibiting the alerts from coming through. This may happen if you are using an employer's email or another type of protected account. If you have an alternative contact, please try that contact. Alerts will only start once the confirmation has been accepted.

To Stop Alerts:

  • Send a text that says STOP to 26499. You will receive an opt-out confirmation.
  • You can also unsubscribe to this service by deactivating your registration on this site.