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Personal Loans

Personal loans cover a wide variety of needs; debt consolidation, boat engines, vacations, weddings, home improvements and more. Our local lending team will work quickly to create an affordable financial solution just for you!

  • Borrow up to $50,000

  • No collateral required

  • Terms up to 60 months

  • No pre-payment penalties

Call our 24/7 Loan Line at 305-293-6000.

Credit Builder Loan

A Share Secured Loan is a loan borrowed from funds you have on deposit at the credit union. It is great for someone who is trying to build or repair their credit, or for someone who would prefer to maintain their account balance. Borrow at a low rate while you continue to earn dividends on your funds!

  • Earn dividends on secured funds

  • Low, fixed rate

  • Terms up to 60 months

  • No pre-payment penalties

Redi-Cash Line of Credit

A Redi-Cash Line of Credit is a fixed rate, revolving line of credit that gives you instant access to your funds when you need it. It is great for unexpected purchases or emergencies, and can also act as overdraft protection on your checking account.

  • Lines from $500 - $50,000

  • No collateral required

  • Unlimited check writing without fees or minimums

  • Use it again and again without re-applying